UFC News: Glover Teixeira to Fight in the UFC

It was rumored by many that light heavyweight fighter Glover Teixeira was going to be on season 8 of the Ultimate Fighter.  When the cast was released that proved to be a rumor.  It is possible that the UFC contacted him regarding that opportunity.  Teixeira, is a light heavyweight fighter who trains with John Hackleman at the Pit in San Luis Obispo, California, which is known for being the training home of UFC star and former light heavyweight champ Chuck “the Iceman” Liddell.  Teixeira also gained some fame with his knockout of UFC fighter Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou. 

Teixeira made the comments during a video interview with InTheGuard.tv.

“I’ve always loved to have fought in the UFC and now actually my dream is going to come true,” the native Brazilian said. “I’m going to be fighting in the UFC, probably in my next fight. I’ve been having visa problems in the United States. That’s why I am here, taking care of everything. And soon as I am back I’ll be ready to go and fight with the big boys.”

This is a solid signing if it is true for the UFC.  The UFC light heavyweight divison is sick deep with talent and Teixeira is by many considered one of the top unsigned light heavyweights.  I would suspect that a re-match with Sokoudjou would be interesting, but they may give him a tune up in November or December if this rumor proves true.


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