Why Did Chuck Liddell Lose to Rashad Evans?

I believe there are several answers people might give as to why Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell got beat by Rashad Evans.  Chuck would just say that he “got caught”.  I would say there is more to it than that. 

Perhaps Chuck Liddell lost because he is a one dimensional fighter who is a legenday striker.  Perhaps Chuck Liddell lost because of his age.  Perhaps Chuck is over the hill.  I might point out that Liddell has struggled recently.  He lost to Rampage, he lost to Keith Jardine, and he beat Wanderlei Silva.  Maybe the Chuck of old is gone.  He hasn’t finished a fight in quite some time.  I would defintley suggest that Rashad Evans speed has something to do with it.  Perhaps as of today Rashad Evans is simply a better fighter than Chuck Liddell.  Perhaps it has to do with training.  Rashad has shown a willingness to learn from new trainers such as Greg Jackson.  Whereas, Chuck Liddell has been at “The Pit” with Hackleman for years.  Perhaps Liddell should be willing to try some new trainers, such as Xtreme Couture well he can develop new striking techniques and more diverse MMA skills.  Perhaps Liddell lost because of the nagging hamstring injury.   I don’t think that it is an issue, some may use it as an excuse, but it isn’t the reason.  Perhaps other fighters have Chuck Liddell’s number.  I think this is a great problem.  Liddell has one way to win and he has done well with it, but maybe he has been figured out.  Greg Jackson seems to have his number.  Leg kicks are effective on Chuck, just ask Keith Jardine.  Frustrating Chuck and making him come to you rather than allowing him to KO you while going away may work too.  Maybe Chuck needs a new game plan.  Perhaps my biggest suggestion has to do with the mental aspect of fighting.  Perhaps Chuck Liddell has gotten too big and that has in turn gone to his head.  I seriously question when fighters are more worried about careers outside the ring than fighting.  Chuck is the face of MMA.  He is a legend. He is super popular.  That in turn has led to endorsments, books, interviews, sponsors, and many other opportunities.  Perhaps Chuck has been distracted by all those things.  Perhaps he needs to refocus and not worry about advertising through human signs for his sponsors and focus more on his fighters.    Perhaps the problem is in the fact that he partys way too much, he loves the party scene.  Some say it doesn’t affect him, and maybe it didn;t before when he was younger and on top, but maybe it does now.  Maybe the fame, popularity and fun side of fighting has become his passion to the neglect of performance in the octagon.  Perhaps he has lost his drive and passion which made him so effective before in his career.  We can give numerous reasons why Chuck lost to Rashad.  Perhaps some people more knowledgable than me can give technical reasons as to why Rashad’s game plan was so effective.  However, let’s not take away from Rashad.  There may not be a clear answer.  Perhaps the answer is that Rashad just fought better, was faster, and better that night.  Give Rashad some credit.  He is super underrated.  However, I do think there are several things Chuck could do differently to still be effective in his late 30’s and even into his early 40’s.  I know some won’t like this post, but it is the truth.  I know Chuck is a fan favorite, but even his fans have to question some things about his career.  Matt Hughes loses two fights to Georges St. Pierre and Thiago Alves and everyone thinks he is done and should retire.  Chuck Liddell has lost 3 of 4 to lesser competition in his divison.  I am not saying Chuck is done.  I am saying he needs to re-think some methods.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  Perhaps the problem is in Chuck’s pride.  Maybe he thinks he is better than Jardine, better than jackson and better than Evans, but he just got caught or just had a bad night.  Maybe though the reason is deeper than that.  Liddell can still be effective as a fighter in the UFC, but he will need to reevaluate his career, training, styles, game plans, and training methods.  Rashad Evans was indeed the spoiler.  Chuck was to leap frog Lyoto Machida and get the title shot against Forrest Griffin in December with a win over Rashad.  The UFC longed for the pupil vs. teacher storyline.  Now they will get the TUF 1 winner against the TUF 2 winner.  Well done Rashad, you just beat a legend of the UFC in highlight reel form and earned a title shot.


5 Responses

  1. I think it is important to realize that though you make many good points, the REAL reason Chuck is losing is is training staff. Allow me to elaborate….

    What person in their right mind would allow a talented fighter to enter the ring or cage with the most fundamental, basic flaw that is the FIRST THING ANY AMATUER fighter learns. COVER YOUR JAW AND TUCK YOUR HEAD!

    Chucks left hand is despicable. There is no way he will ever be safe from knockouts if his left hand is at his waist, doesn’t move his head and he drops it when he punches. Period. Think Rampage, now Evans…threw with hand down. KO.

    Todays fighters are indeed fighters that are fast and powerful, but the difference is that most are fundamentally sound. Rashad had great head movement, covered his head and body and was very very fast. Chuck plodded in with short steps, his head up (!!!) and left arm at his waist.

    Chuck if you are reading this, keep going, just change trainers. They should be embarrassed, not you. You have been proven to follow instruction and adapt your game. Just get some people that wont allow you to carry bad habits into the ring…I still think you are capable of competing at this level, just go back to basics with people that can help you.


  2. hey these guys closely watch all his fights , they figured out how to beat the guy ,,,that’s just it , they did their homework well ,,,i say very well

    the guy is not invincible as most think , don’t think of him that way , any mma fighter could floor him down with a right timed shot , i’m sure they all agree ..

    you don’t expect that these guys enters the ring without any fight plan do you ?

    chuck can still beat any mma guy , he just got owned this time ,,it happens !

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  5. chuck needs to work on his fundamentals and add more striking combos to his game. In fact, a game plan is in order for chuck to bounce back in the mix. Maybe the pit could not offer that to him. But as far as chuck being done? NO WAY, were talking about guy who is the king of sprawl n brawl. He can keep it up as much as he wants. Once chuck adds more dimensions to his striking he can be more successful than randy in his 40s!

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