Gegard Mousasi Wins DREAM Middleweight Grand Prix

Some have suggested that the DREAM 6 card was the best fight card put together this year from top to bottom and certainly the best Japanese card put together since PRIDE’s collapse.  The middleweight grand prix was not a disappointment.  The semi-finals consisted of Zelg Galesic vs. Ronaldo “Jacare” de Sousa and Melvin Manhoef vs. Gegard Mousasi.   The Galesic vs. Jacare fight went as expected.  I expected Jacare to make quick work of Galesic and lock in a submission victory.  Jacare locked up one of the quickest armbars I have ever seen.   Jacare was into the finals. 

    Melvin Manhoef is an amazing striker with serious KO power.  Mousasi is a very well roudned fighter and I am sure wanted this fight on the ground.  It is hard to believe that Gegard is 23 years old and certainly the future of the middleweight divison.  That fight was predictable as Mousasi wanted to get the fight to the ground.  It did not take long for Gegard to lock in a triangle choke.  Manhoef picked him up and tried to slam him a la Rampage vs. Arona, but it didn’t work.  Mousasi locked in the triangle and Manhoef was forced to tap. 

  In the finals Jacare got the take down early and landed into half guard.  He appeared to be doing well and then postured up to land some punches and Mousasi through a beautiful upkick that nailed Jacare square in the face and knocked him out cold.  And that is how Gegard Mousasi became the DREAM middleweight grand prix champion.


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