UFC News: Brian Stann vs. Steve Cantwell at UFC Fight Night 16

A source close to UFC Blogger has revealed that Brian Stann will take on WEC light heavyweight champion Steve Cantwell at UFC Fight Night 16.  This will be the rubber match between the two fighters.  Brian Stann won the WEC light heavyweight title by defeating Doug Marshall in a vicious KO.  Brian Stann is a relative newcomer to MMA and should be an exciting add to this card and to the UFC.  He has a lot to learn, but he has shown he has a tough chin and great potential, not to mention the fact that he is incrediblly popular.  I knew that Brian Stann would appear on this card and predicted it when the first mention was made of this event.  It was just reported today that the WEC would fold their light heavyweight and middleweight divisons, and that the December 3rd event would be the last one promoting those weight classes.  They didn’t waster any time.  What better headliner to have for this event than the All-American, Marine veteran Brian Stann.  Not to mention it should be an exciting fight.  Steven Cantwell, the current champion.  He had an impressive TKO of Stann to take his belt.

The rematch had already been discussed internally at the WEC, and according to Stann, as happy as he was to get another shot at Cantwell, he was a little sad that a week later a fight would take place in front of the military and he wouldn’t be involved. This from Brian Stann via MMAweekly.com

“They were talking to me about a rematch right after I lost that fight, so I was already excited about that and I thought it was going to be Dec. 3 in Vegas, so I’d be fighting Steve (Cantwell) in his hometown for the third time,” Stann said in an exclusive interview with MMAWeekly.com.  “It was kind of like a tear in my heart because all of a sudden I was watching Spike TV and watching the Fight Night and they announced this special featuring the Fallen Heroes Fund and it’s going to benefit TBI (traumatic brain injury) patients. “I have so much experience with my guys that suffer from TBI and to get to fight on a military base.  I was in Iraq when they fought on the marine base last time so I didn’t get a chance to fight or even be there, and I just thought this is a dream come true.”  “Most people go to fights to watch their heroes or their role model fight. For me, to fight in Fort Bragg, and Fort Bragg is only an hour and 15 minutes away from my old Marine corps base, so a ton of my marines are going to be up there, plus all the young soldiers.  That’s like a dream come true to me.  Now, I’m fighting in front of my heroes, the people who inspire me. I’ll fight till I’m dead in front of those guys.  It’s a lifetime experience right there.  I’m really excited.  I was already calling a bunch of my Marines.  One in particular, a guy by the name of Robert Gas, who when we were hit by a suicide vehicle during my first tour and he took some severe shrapnel damage to the head and he had several brain surgeries since then and obviously suffers from severe TBI, and I’m going to be contacting him and getting him cage side seats and flying him up for that.”

 I can tell you who will be the crowd favorite and the sentimental favorite at this event.  Reading that quote caused me to jump on the Stann bandwagon for this one.  I like Cantwell and hope he has a UFC future, but I want Stann to win in front of his fellow soldiers.  This very well could be the main event.  MMAweekly also is reporting that Brian Stann will also move his training camp to New Mexico and work with Greg Jackson and his camp to prepare.

 What a card this is shaping up to be:

Brian Stann vs. Steven Cantwell

Josh Koscheck vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida

Mike Swick vs. Jonathan Goulet

Matt Wiman vs. Frank Edgar





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  1. How can you not pull for Stann here. I really hope he takes this.

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