UFC/WEC News: The WEC to Fold Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Divisons in 2009

This from the WEC website today:

The WEC also announced that, starting in 2009, the organization will focus on four weight classes: welterweight (170 pounds), lightweight (155 pounds), featherweight (145 pounds), and bantamweight (135 pounds). The WEC will no longer actively promote light heavyweight and middleweight fights after the Dec. 3rd event. This increased attention to the sport’s lighter divisions makes the WEC the undisputed home of the most exciting lighter weight fighters in mixed martial arts.

I guess that means that the December 3rd card could feature some of the prominent WEC light heavyweight or middleweight fighters, but I look for several of them to move over to the UFC.  The names that will land in the UFC: Paulo Filho, Chael Sonnen, Jake Rosholt, Danillo Vilefort, Mark Munoz, Steve Cantwell, Steve Steinbeiss, Alex Schoenauer, and Brian Stann. 

The WEC will focus on the lighter weight classes and should free them to strengthen theier 155 and 170 lb divisons.


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