UFC News: Rich Franklin vs. Dan Henderson Possible at UFC 93

It looks as if the UFC 93 card will be held in Dublin, Ireland and the match between Penn and St. Pierre will be dubbed UFC 94.  It is very possible that the headliner for UFC 93 in Ireland will be Rich Franklin vs. Dan Henderson.  Several outlets are reporting that the bout is possible.  I don’t know what to think of this.  I do not know if will be a middleweight or light heavyweight bout.  I have mixed feelings about the fight.  I would love the fight fron a tactical standpoint and think it would be a match of 2 of the best middleweights in the world.  However, it does not make sense long term and here is why…

1. Dan Henderson seems to be a good fit at middleweight, and Rich Franklin seems like light heavyweight is a good option for him

2.  If Franklin wins it does not help him any.  He won’t get a shot at Anderson Silva again.

3. Henderson was rumored to be coaching TUF 9 opposite Michael Bisping.  I like the idea of that match up as I think it would be a great match at middleweight to determine the number 1 contender

4.  If Franklin was to go back and stay at middleweight it would be a logical fight

5. Assuming Franklin moves to light heavyweight and that Anderson Silva beats Patrick Cote, there are several cotnenders at middleweight that would be in contention: Yushin Okami, Paulo Filho, Nate Marquardt, Thales Leites, Demian Maia, and of course Bisping and Leben. 


Match Franklin against Shogun at UFC 92.  Match Henderson vs. Bisping as opposing coaches on TUF.  In the meantime you can give someone else a title shot at Silva while we wait for TUF 9 to air and finish.  I would suppose that the likely choice would be Okami and for them to fight in April or so. 

Anyways, this is news that the fight is beign discussed and is possible.  No agreements have been sent or signed so don’t hold your breath.  In the end I predict the fight does not happen.  But, I have been wrong once or twice before.


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