TUF 8 Episode 3 Thoughts And Episode 4 Leak

Episode 3 reportedly got the lowest ratings in the show’s history.  Frankly, I have enjoyed this season through 3 episodes.  I think the coaches are world class and I think there are 6-8 guys that will be in the UFC long term. 

The Injured:

It seems that born Karn and Brian had fractured noses and were not cleared by the Athletic comission.  While some may think the UFC was unfair by asking them to leave, it was really out of their hands.  This is a part of the game.  I don’t blame them for making them leave, but I do hope to see Karn and Brian in the finale.  Last season not many of the guys got a a chance at the finale.  I think we will see more this season.  In fact I hope all 16 guys + Karn and Brian get a chance at the finale.  I’d love to see a Karn vs. Eliott re-match at the finale (unless Eliot makes the finals).  I couldn’t help but to feel bad for Karn and Brian, I really hope they get a second chance. By the way, I think Antwain Britt should have been give a chance too, but it looks like he is fighting elsewhere.  He may make it to the UFC one day anyways. 

The Replacements:

The LHW replacement for Karn was the obvious choice and the best choice; Kyle Kingsbury.  He deserved a chance.  I always feel bad on those fight your way into the house fights for the guy that is matched against one of the top guys.  Kingsbury very well could have beaten many of the other light heavyweight guys.  If the UFC is going to use the fight your way into the house idea, they need to see fighters somehow so that the best guys get in the house.  In other words, if you have 16 light heavyweights fighting for 8 spots, they would match the best fighter against who was considered the weakest, the second best against the second worst, etc, etc.  With that said, Kingsbury was a good choice, and I think they may have come close to getting the 8 best light heavyweights in the end.  The lightweight fighter remained a mystery as he was flown out.  I expected Wesley Murch to come back, but he may have been injured.  For some reason I thought I saw him in some group photos of the cast.  I guess I was wrong.  I also would have expected a guy like Joe Duarte who was a favorite to win by many bloggers.  The replacement was Roli Delgado.  I don’t know about that call, but we will see how he does. 

The Team Selection:

The first pick went to Team Mir and he picked Krzysztof Soszynski.  He looked impressive and would have to be a favorite to make it far in the show.  Team Nogueira’s first LHW pick was Ryan Bader, the favorite to win the show.  I think the teams were pretty even.  If I was to guess i would say both teams will have 2 semi-finalists from each weight class.  My earlier picks for the final for LHW are: Krzysztof Soszynski, Ryan Bader, Vinny Magalhaes, and Shane Primm (in that order).  And for LW: Shane Nelson, Efrain Escudero, Phillipe Nover, and Junie Browning.

The Fight:

I liked the pick.  Team Nogueira’s first pick against Team Mir’s last light heavyweight pick.  Ryan Bader is a bigger version of C.B. Dolloway.  The fight went as expected.  It isn’t that Lawlor isn’t good, but Ryan Bader is so strong.  He eventually took Lawlor down and worked a bit.  Then he took him down again with authority.  Finally, he postured up and KO’d Lawlor.  Lawlor was out.   Bader is still one of the favorites to win.  He did nothing to ruin that and he could be a tough match up for a lot of guys, but I’d love to see him fight a jiu-jitsu wiz like Vinny. 

The House Antics:

We know who this season’s Jesse Taylor or Chris Leben is.  It is none other than Junie Allen Browning.  I think Junie is talented and maybe good enough to win and compete in the UFC, but he is nuts.  He needs medicated.  I can’t handle him for the whole season.  First, I think he likes the attention.  Second, I think he is crazy.  He runs his mouth way too much and he is going to get his butt beat by someone.  I like UFC, and I like TUF, but I don’t like the house antics.  I like the practical jokes.  By the way, what a great joke that way lead by Krzysztof.  It was done in fun and Bader and Primm thought it was funny too.  However, I don’t like the running around like an idiot, breaking things, drinking piss, fighting in the house attitudes.  I know some hate when people say this, but I will anyways: It doesn’t represent MMA well.  These dudes are supposed to be adults and professionals.  That leads me into this; check out the leak from Episode 4.  This seems to be crazy.  It shows Junie going nuts.  He tries to fight Bader, Lawlor, and Krzysztof in this little segment.  He looked dumb as a rock.  Also, those 3 Light Heavyweights showed great restraint.  Many people would have KO’d Junie right there, but they didn’t.  Junie tried to pick fights the best he could, but those guys showed serious class…from what was shown.  Apparently, things break loose and Dana is called in and has to chew them out.  I can only imagine what antics go on next episode, but I hope the antics don’t overshadow the fights and the fighters.



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  1. WOW – those “205’s” that had the joy of being verbally picked appart by the way-to-drunk-Junie showed amazing self-control. Junie should be totally ashamed – BUT he’s not. Just look at him at the end of Efrains win… He jumps the cage! Unreal!

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