Kimbo’s Loss Proves He Is Overrated

Make all the excuses you want, Kimbo is overrated as proven Saturday night.  Mauro says we should give him a mulligan.  Some will say he just got caught, but I think his chin is suspect and he is overrated.  He helps EliteXC no doubt, but Brett Rogers would kill him.  I think Kimbo is done.  Seth Petruzelli was not supposed to fight here and was not suppsoed to win.  If Kimbo cannot beat Petruzelli than he cannot fight elite competition.  This stinks for EliteXC.  The comes the alligations from Petruzelli that the EliteXC wanted him to stand and trade with Kimbo.  I know the ratings were still high, but this proves something about Kimbo.  What is next for Kimbo though?  I guess he could fight Shamrock.  He will get another chance and be handed another easy fight.  Kimbo got paid $500,000 to get KO’d.  That isn’t right, but who am I to say anything. 

Anyways, I was glad to see some real fights Saturday though.  Congrats to Jake Shields and Andrei Arlovski as well as Carano and Radach for some good fights.  I think the eliteXC would be wise to market good fighters and not over hype second class fighters off the street.  I know Kimbo would whoop my tail, but he can’t whoop Seth Petruzelli’s and he may not whoop much more.


4 Responses

  1. Kimbo got paid $500k because 90% of the people who watched the fight and bought tickets did so to watch Kimbo. I have no problems with what he got paid, and I think he deserved it for stepping up and fighting an opponent he didn’t train for. He could have said no.

  2. The payday shows how much MMA has evolved. You bring in a “street brawler” who has incredible marketability with the sport of MMA he will surely get paid. Kimbo is obviously very inexperienced and can get knocked out just like any other fighter. I don’t question his strength or punching power but I do question the overall package of take down defense and ground game. Kimbo has a lot of work to do if he wants to be consider a top level fighter.

  3. Yeah, I agree, Kimbo Slice is very overrated and I’m less of a fan after the match throwing allegations. Shame on u kimbo!

  4. I have no problem with Kimbo turning to MMA. He has a good trainer in Bas Rutten. I understand his marketability, but I don’t know if Kimbo is the image EliteXC wants. They could market solid fighters like Lawler, Shields, Carano, etc. EliteXC has some good fighters. They put all their eggs in one basket named Kimbo Slice. He got KO’d and it hurt. Then comes wind of fixing or “standgate” and whether it is true or not EliteXC is scared and after November 8th may be done for good.

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