UFC News: Diego Sanchez Out, Josh Koscheck in vs. Thiago Alves

The news has been reported that welterweight contender Diego Sanchez has sustained an injury that has forced him to withdraw from his upcoming bout with top contender Thiago Alves at UFC 90.  Diego suffered a rib injury that will force him out.  The problem with that is that this fight is being billed as one of the top fights of UFC 90, with the winner getting a title shot.  I am assuiming that has changed slightly now.  Poor Diego will be forced not only out of this fight, but also to wait for another chance to become a number one contender. 

Josh Koscheck was scheduled to headline the December, Fight for the Troops event against Yoshiyuki Yoshida.  As of now, that bout has not been called off, but it is very likely that fight will not happen.   I would imagine the UFC will look for another guy to fight Yoshida.  Perhaps the fight with Parisyan or even a guy like Jon Fitch.  Nevertheless, give Josh Koscheck credit for coming in on short notice and taking on a very tough fighter in Thiago Alves.  This fight is just as interesting and should be just as competitive, however, I did think Diego’s aggressive, in your face style was a problem for Thiago, but Koscheck can do that as well.  I only wonder what facrot cardio will play for Josh with little time to prepare.


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  1. Although on paper this still holds as a good fight, we do have to wonder if Koscheck will be in fight condition? Koscheck is wrestling based which could fare well against Alves striking and Jiu-Jitsu. This should still be a good fight even though we are all disappointed Sanchez will not be fighting.

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