The Good and Bad of EliteXC’s Demise

The Bad:

1. The fighters lose a place to fight.  I am a huge UFC fan, but more than that I am a MMA fan.  There is a part of me that likes the idea of all the best fighters fighting in the same place, but I know the reality is there is not enough room even in the UFC for everyone.  Promotions like EliteXc provided a place for fighters to fight.  They put on a lot of shows and if you throw in Cage Rage and King of the Cage, they really put on a lot of shows.  There are some fighters that will really lose because of this.  It won’t hurt the top 10-20 guys in EliteXC, but it will hurt the second tier guys trying to climb their way up.

2. MMA Exposure.  CBS was a huge venue for MMA.  We all have opinions about how the EliteXC handled their match ups and fights on the CBS cards, but millions watched and that was good attention for the sport.  Well…that is until Standgate.

3. Kimbo Slice.  I do not know who will take a chance on him.  He may get a deal somewhere, but I doubt that he makes $500,000 a fight

The Good:

1. The UFC wins.  Dana predicted it.  Now they drop a competitor and they will have a chance to sign some of EliteXC’s top fighters.  Jake Shields will probably head to the UFC and will get a chance to fight better competition.  This is good for the fans.  I really think EliteXC did a horrible job promoting MMA.  They had some good fighters, but they emphasized guys like Kimbo to the neglect of guys like Shields.

2. Gina Carano.  She may be the big winner.  She was underpaid and now she will have a chance to get big bucks and maybe bring women’s MMA to a place like Affliction.

3. Affliction.  They may really bolseter their roster.  A lot of these guys won’t be wanted in the UFC or won’t want the UFC.   Shields is a near lock for the UFC.  Villasenor said in an interview he would like the UFC.  We can expect Feijao to go the UFC.  Other guys like Antonio Silva and Robbie Lawler will surely talk to the UFC.  Other than those guys they can clean up.  They could get guys liek Brett Rogers, Scott Smith, Frank Shamrock, Murilo Rua, Benji Radach, and even Eddie Alvarez or Nick Diaz. 

4. Regional MMA.  Now there will be more regional shows or feeder shows.  There are 20-30 guys that will not go to the UFC or Affliction, but yet are good fighters.

5. No more Shaw.  Jared Shaw was a horrible MMA guy.  Gary Shaw didn’t know what he was doing.  Jeremy Lappen was just as bad.  That is good for the sport.

6.  Standgate is done.  There will always be questions about Seth Petruzelli and Kimbo Slice and whether Seth was paid to stand and exchange.  He probably was, but not having a definite answer is good for the sport.


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