My UFC 90 Thoughts and Recaps

  • I said in my predictions that I nearly did not order UFC 90 and that I changed my mind.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have.  I thought the card was good, but I was disappointed with the main event.  I never thought Cilva vs. Cote was main event worthy.  Patrick Cote was overrated and didn’t deserve a title shot.  What did he do?  He beat Kendall Grove and won a split decision over Ricardo Almeida. 
  • The fight between Silva vs. Cote did not go as expected, but not because Cote was good.  He was clearly out of his league, but at times I wondered what Silva was doing.  He was dancing around and messing with Cote.  Perhaps he thought the octagon was some cool name for a new Chicago nightclub.  It looked like Silva vs. Cote was a Dad messing around fighting with his son. 
  • The knee injury disappointed me.  I do not question Cote’s heart, but that was a horrible ending and quite frankly I think the UFC should refund  part of those pay per view buys.  That is the problem when everyone tunes in to watch one guy Anderson Silva and the rest of the card is not great.
  • Thiago Alves look spectacular.  His striking is so good.  However, I think his weakness is a agressive striker, because when Koscheck really attacked he was on his heels big time. 
  • All props to Alves, but love him or hate him Josh Koscheck is one tough dude.  He took this fight on 10 days notice and hung in there with Alves.  He took some vicious shots and kept it up.  I gained respect for Koscheck in this one.
  • By the way, what was with Alves’ takedown after the final bell?  Koscheck looked somewhat annoyed.
  • Gray Maynard again showed dominant wrestling ability.  He manhandled and bullied Clementi.  I got ticked at the ref for his “come on, let’s go” usage.  They guys were fighting and the ref kept telling them to get busy, but they were fighting for positioning.  I didn’t think it was the most exciting fight, but I enjoyed it.  Maynard is quick on the rise.  He is moving quickly up the ladder.  Perhaps a Sean Sherk fight could be in the future or the loser of the upcoming Florian vs. Stevenson fight.
  • How about Junior Dos Santos.  He has to be a popular guy with Dana White right now.  The UFC was really in a pickle with Werdum.  They had a title fight set up for Randy on Novermber 15th against Couture.  They had an interim title fight set up between Mir and Nogueira in December.  Then we can assume that the winners would fight one another in March or April.  Also, Fabricio Werdum had been labeled a number one contender and writen in his contract that a win over dos Santos would guarantee him a title shot.  Dos Santos solved that problem real fast.
  • That was a vicious KO by Dos Santos.  He may be the real deal.
  • Tyson Griffin vs. Sean Sherk was an exciting fight.  I do not know who earned the win, but it was fight of the night no doubt.

Fight of the Night: Tyson Griffin vs. Sean Sherk

Knockout of the Night: Junior Dos Santos

Submission of the Night: Spencer Fisher


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