Anderson Silva’s Next Fight

It is well known that Anderson Silva wants to fight more.  I do not know if he is trying burn through his contract or if he is just that competitive. 

Dana White commented on this:

He’s flipping out. He wants to fight again, like, on Nov. 15. He’s (upset) about his performance and he wants to fight again immediately

Well, November 15th would be a great palce for Silva as the card is already weak, but it will not happen as there is just not enough time to find a quality opponent.  The only option would be to move someone up from one of the December cards, but that is still unlikely. 

Rumors have gone around that a fight between Silva and Chuck Liddell would take place at UFC 95 in London, February 21st.  That fight would be great, but it makes no sense.  It could end Chuck Liddell permanently.  I am quite sure that Silva will fight again soon and it most likely will be at 205. 

We could see Anderson at UFC 92 or even at one of the other December cards, but that is still not far away, but it is close enough to see him fight on one of those cards.  Against who?  I have no idea.  Keith Jardine?  Brandon Vera? Sokoudjou?  Cane?  Those are all top level contenders that could be possible opponents at 205.  We will have to wait and see.  If Silva is that upset about UFC 90, he will be back much sooner than later, but we do not know who the sacrificial lamb to Silva’s anger will be. 

Just a side note: The Ultimate Fighter Finale needs a headliner and The UFC Fight Night 16: Fight for The Troops card has penciled in a Koscheck vs. Yoshida fight, but one might wonder if Koscheck will physically be able to go and headline that event following the beating he took at UFC 90.  Maybe, just maybe that is a place where Silva could unleash some anger and frustation against some 205 lb fighter.


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