Paulo Filho Comments About His Future in the UFC

Tatame has an interview with WEC middleweight champ Paulo Filho

I’m very happy with WEC. I like what I make there, I’m well paid, the event is great and I’m well recognized in America, maybe it’s better than UFC to be well-known, but I think UFC is the dream of every fighter. I fought in Pride and now I wanna be at UFC so that I could say one day that I fought at the best MMA events of the world. I think Anderson is doing the right thing. He always praises me, wants the best for me, and said we wouldn’t fight me, he’s the best, and I don’t wanna fight him too. I think he’ll go up (to light-heavyweight) and until then I’ll go there and when I get closer to the title, he’d be already retired. He already done a lot for the sport, and we they have a lot of great athletes there and I can’t let this opportunity go away, it’ll be a better motivation, show the Paulão from the Pride GP. The problem in this depression moment was motivation, it was a very complicated moment, but now things are better and I can show my best game.

Filho has an upcoming bout with Chael Sonnen in the WEC.  Following that fight both Filho and Sonnen are expected to make their journey into the UFC.  Filho is currently the #2 ranked middleweight in the world and could challenge for the belt.  However, he and Anderson Silva will not fight one another, but Filho gives some good perspective in this fight.  The Filho vs. Sonnen match should be a good one and we will be interested to see how both do in the UFC.



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