TUF 8 Episodes 11 & 12 Recap, Finalists Set

The finale will be:

Lightweights: Phillipe Nover vs. Efrain Escudero

Light Heavyweights: Ryan Bader vs. Vinny Magalhes

Two good action packed episodes back to back.  Ryan Bader is very strong and showed good wrestling, but was boring.   He layed and prayed his way to victory.  Vinny is a beast on the ground and is a dangerous fight for Bader.  Vinny locked in a arm bar on Krzytof.  Phillipe is awesome.  He locked in a deep kimura on George Roop.  Nover just outclassed Roop.  Efrain didn’t look back either submitting Junie with a D’Arce choke.  Junie did not take Efrain seriously.  I have a feeling the antics were so he would have an excuse for a loss.  Both lightweight finalists have good submissions. 

 At first I was mad that Dana didn’t kick Junie out.  However, he was right.  It was much better to see Junie loose than to be kicked off.  Now he has no excuses.  Congrats to those guys and to the whole cast for a good season.

The rest of the fight card should be announced soon.


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