Alistair Overeem in Talks With the UFC had an interview with heavyweight fighter Alistair Overeem.  In that interview Overeem indicated that he was in negotions with the UFC as well as Affliction.  Certainly, the UFC has to be the frontrunner at this point in time for his services.   This is what Overeem had to say regarding the issue…

I am going on a holiday as I really trained hard whole 2008, beginning of February I will start training again, my management is in negotiations now, I might visit the UFC in Ireland on January 17th.  My management has been in contact with Affliction as well as the UFC

I am sure more will be learned regarding this as time goes on.  I do not know how high upthe priority list Overeem is for Dana White, but he is a solid add if they could lock him up.  I really believe he would be competitive with the top tier UFC Heavyweights in Mir, Nogueira, Lesnar, Couture, Kongo, Gonzaga, Carwin and Velasquez.  The UFC needs a little more depth at heavyweight and it appears they are striving to do so.  It is also rumored that the UFC is interested in re-signing Jeff Monson. 

Readers may note that in my list of guys the UFC may sign in 2009, Alistair was on that list.  I hope the UFC makes a good offer, but Affliction could be competitive as well.  However, could we see Overeem fight at UFC 99 in Germany? Maybe.


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