The Best MMA News Websites

As I try to keep up with the latest MMA news and keep updated on this site, I have found several MMA media outlets to be a consisten source of good and reliable news.  Here is my rankings of the best MMA News sources….

1. MMAJunie –  I find breaking news more on MMAJunkie than anywhere else.  They are improving constantly as well.  They are not the most comprehensive, but they do have some of the best MMA news and are often times the first ones to break news.

2.  Sherdog – Sherdog keeps up with the news well.  They also have great fight breakdowns as a big fight card approached.  They are maybe the most comprehensive MMA site.  By far the best forums around, which have good discussions, debates, and sometimes inside information.  They have the all important HUGE fighter database that is always updated.  They have good interviews following events.  They have good coverage.  Also, if you follow the regional fight scenes and smaller shows Sherdog has the most comprehensive list for upcoming events.  Sherdog is the best all around MMA resource around. 

3. MMA Mania – They are an expanding site and a lot of times they will have breaking news and new fights posted before anyone else.

4. FiveOuncesofPain –  Good source for news.  They are expanding and posting new videos and interviews. 

5. Bloody Elbow – They are reliable and up to date with news.  They have great discussions on their posts and allow you to post blogs or news.  Bloody Elbow is maybe the best place to go for MMA related videos.

6.  MMA Weekly – They sometimes have good news.  I like their insider blog and they have up to date fight card information.  They are consistent and accurate. 

7. MMA Convert – They may not be the “news breakers”, but the best thing about MMA Convert is their news feeds on the sidebar which enables you to go to MMA Convert and see the latest news on several of the best MMA sites including many of the ones listed above.  They post good videos.  Also, they have a great fight card page which posts reported fights and even rumored fights.  They have comprehensive links as well. 

8. Tatame – A great site that often has new interviews and info on Brazilian fighters.  The one negative is that often times they go long periods without updating.  However, Tatame is the best place to keep up with Brazilian fighters.

9. Fighters Only Magazine – They are the best U.K. MMA site (sorry MMA Bay).  They have good inetrviews which often times you could not find anywhere else.  They keep up with British fighters especially well.

10. Suki MMA – Often times news you may not care about, but Suki MMA does a good job translating Japanese fighter interviews and blog posts.  This is a prime site to keep up with Japanese fighters if you are a Japanese fan and cannot read Japanese

Other Worthwhile Sites: Cage Potato, Dream Fighters, Fight Linker, MMA Bay and Fight3r.

MMA Rated used to be a good site, but it looks like they are done for.


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  1. is a great source for interviews and commentary. We are a small site with no financial backing whatsoever, which makes us unique compared to the other sites who have large corporations backing them, and we are rapidly growing our fanbase.

  2. The website is which focuses on global MMA news. Their writers are professional fighters that you can look up in sherdog’s database. One of their writers is Remco Pardoel, UFC pioneer and legend. Ridiculous. It is cool hearing the news from real fighters instead of the guy that lives in his mom’s basement. This site is a must see.

  3. For UK MMA news I always use Fighters only. Probably the best site we got going over here.

    Good luck to, keep up all the hard work it will pay off guys

  4. sherdog might be the best all around compared to other sites, but i’m going to start searching for better sites, as i can’t stand how ufc biased is getting. ufc might be the best promotion nowadays, but other rising promotions have and had much better fights than ufc’s cards in many occasions. the favouritism they give to ufc, the negative approach that they use towards other non-ufc promotions is totally affecting the objectivity that they used to have during the pride fc days. it’s a shame that such a reputed site is negatively influencing such a huge audience in times where mma industry is suffering the consecuences of the economic recession.

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  6. MMAJunkie is great. One of my new favorites is its a NY based mma site but they post on everything. Great articles defenitly recommend it.

  7. I have to say that I agree with MMAJunkie at the #1 spot. It is one of my favorites. I also listen to their podcast on a regular basis, since it provides a lot of good interviews & co hosts [typically fighters]. It’s good to see a site that discusses MMA. I started writing a blog also, which incorporates MMA & metal music at:, since I love both & feel they go hand in hand, such as the UFC PPV intro song, which always gets the shows pumped up.
    Look forward to seeing more posts.

  8. The Fight Lounge pisses in most of them, awesome website

  9. lol at fightlounge. They suck, 3 exclusives a week if your lucky. Yourmma craps all over them and so does MMA bay.

  10. MMA mania is great for mma news and stuffs.

  11. I liked Suki MMA, it is good site. And your post here is also informative. Thanks for sharing this post.

  12. Try They’ re new but they increase fast. Nice news, awesome photos and videos!

  13. I’ve always resorted to Sherdog for the most part myself, but that’s just me. Anyways, I’m new to wordpress and I’m checking out other MMA based blogs just to get a feel for the different content and layout displays with hopes of showcasing my writing abilities a bit. I dig where you’re going with the page. Keep it up!

  14. […] The Best MMA News Websites | MMA Blog – Jan 03, 2009 · As I try to keep up with the latest MMA news and keep updated on this site, I have found several MMA media outlets to be a consisten source of good and …… […]

  15. […] The Best MMA News Websites | MMA Blog – Jan 03, 2009 · As I try to keep up with the latest MMA news and keep updated on this site, I have found several MMA media outlets to be a consisten source of good and …… […]

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