UFC News: Josh Koscheck vs. Paulo Thiago

Josh Koscheck


Paulo Thiago






MMA Blog Rank


170 Lbs.

Weight Class

170 Lbs.

14-3 (10-3 UFC)


7-0 (0-0 UFC) 

The knock on UFC 95 was the lack of a main event.  Well, the same problem exists, but the UFC has beefed up the talent.  It looks like welterweight star Josh Koscheck will return to the octagon in London, England to face Brazilian Paulo Thiago.  Thiago will make his UFC debut. Thigo is undefeated and will be thrown into the deep waters against one of the best in the division. 

This is Koscheck’s last fight on his contract.  We have to wonder if he has re-signed or if he is done with the UFC after this fight following the dispute that arose between the UFC and The American Kickboxing Academy. 

I also have to wonder about this match up.  Koscheck has everything to lose in this fight.  I know very little about Paul Thiago, so it will be interesting to see.


6 Responses

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  2. definitely Koscheck will dominate this fight..! he has the reach advantage and the power punch while Paulo Thiago has the power but dont have the reach but still thiago is a great fighter.

  3. Koscheck is a beast, when his fight with GSP comes who knows what the outcome will be. He really should have beaten Thiago that was a strange fight.

  4. Thats the thing about MMA, you think someone should dominate and win a fight then the opponent pulls something out of the hat.

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  6. I like koscheck now but he just seems to hate the world

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