Rumor: UFC Looking to Buy IFL

It is not a secret that the IFL has been up for sale.  The supposed asking price: $1,000,000.  The most likely buyer seems to be Zuffa, the parent company of the UFC and WEC.  The rumor has been that the UFC has been in talks with IFL.  For a long time Dana White has been critical and wary of the IFL.  Recently though many fighters have tried their hand at the UFC.  Several IFL guys were cast for TUF 7 including: Gerald Harris, Mike Dolce, and Dante Rivera.  Several others were picked to fight at the UFC Fight Night held to combat Affliction: Banned including stars Brad Blackburn, Reese Andy, and Rory Markham.  Markham and Blackburn both looked very good in wins in their octagon debuts.  The rumors have been fueled following the fight night.  Many people speculated that since Rogan and Goldberg talked openly about the IFL and IFL videos were shown that the UFC could have bought the IFL.  It seems most likely that the IFL is done. This from CagePotato:

Despite Dana White’s love of criticizing every aspect of the IFL and citing them as a cautionary tale for MMA startups, it seems fighter contracts and an extensive video library are just too attractive for him to pass up. According to a report on MMA Payout, Zuffa is very close to buying the IFL.

The deal isn’t finalized, says Sam Caplan, but this is the most credible report thus far regarding the potential purchase of the IFL. The company was said to be on the market for around $1 million, but the UFC is believed to be getting it for less than that. Sources within the IFL could only confirm for us that the talks have been under way for some time now and the UFC is the leading suitor.

 The rumor has been that the IFL fighters would be split between the UFC and WEC.  Some would become free agents.  Here are the msot attractive fighters to Zuffa. 

1. Waggney Fabiano – 145 Lbs.  (He is the IFL Fetaherweight champ and would make a good competition for Urijah Faber in the WEC.

2. Roy Nelson – HVWT.  (He is the IFL heavyweight Champ and would likely be given a shot in the UFC, but I don’t know how he’d fair against UFC fighters)

3.  Ryan Schultz – 155 lbs. (He is the IFC Lightweight Champ, and may be better suited for the WEC)

4. Chris Horodecki – 155 lbs. (I think he could hack the UFC, but 155 is stacked)

5. Jim Miller – 155 lbs. (He has been rumored to be on TUF 8 cast as a lightweight, but I don’t but that)

6. Jay Hieron – 170 lbs. (He is the IFL Welterweight Champ, he has been in the UFC, but he may have impreved since his stint there)

7. Ryan McGivern

8. Matt Horowich

9. Vladimir Matyushenko

10. Dan Miller


The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale Quick Results

Kendall Grove def. Evan Tanner via split decision

Amir Sadollah def. C.B. Dolloway via Armbar Submission in round 1

Diego Sanchez def. Luigi Fiorvanti via TKO in round 3

Spencer Fisher def. Jeremy Stephens via unanimous decision

Matt Riddle def. Dante Rivera via Unanimous decision

Dustin Hazelett def. Josh Burkman via submission (arm bar) — Round 2, 4:46

Drew McFedries def. Marvin Eastman via TKO (strikes) — Round 1, 1:08

Matt Brown def. Matt Arroyo via TKO (strikes) — Round 2, 3:40

Dean Lister def. Jeremy Horn via submission (guillotine choke) — Round 1, 3:52

Matt Brown def. Matt Arroyo via TKO (strikes) — Round 2, 3:40

Rob Kimmons def. Rob Yundt via submission (guillotine choke) — Round 1, 3:58

Official Bonuses:

Fight of the Night: Josh Burkman vs. Dustin Hazelett

KO of the Night: Drew McFedries

Submission of the Night: Dustin Hazelett

Other Notes:

  • The Tim Credeur vs. Cale Yarbrough fight was cancelled due to traces of Adderol being in Tim’s system still.  Apparently, he informed the commission prior to weigh ins and they pulled the fight.  It was not due to some advantage he would be given, but because of concern for Tim’s health while on Adderoll.  No further discipline will be given.
  • Diego Sanchez looked great and his striking was awesome.  I was disappointed because I wanted to see his improved ground game that he speaks of.  He is still a force at welterweight and he beat a tough Luigi Fiorvanti.
  • Kendall Grove looked good, but he didn’t impress me.  Evan Tanner is tough as nails.  I don’t think Evan has what it takes to fight in the UFC anymore, but he can sure go in there and take a beating.
  • Congratulations to Amir Sadollah TUF 7 winner.  Who would have picked this at season’s start?  I like C.B. and think he will be just fine in the UFC, but he needs to leave Tempe and join a major camp where he can learn some submissions and submission defense.  Anyways, Amir is awesome and he has a great personality.
  • I think Matt Riddle may shock some people in the UFC as he is tough and looked much improved. 
  • Drew McFedries is back in a big way
  • Saddly, fight of the night and submission of the night were not televised (Burkman vs. Hazelett)
  • Overall this wasn’t a great show in my opinion.


A Defense of C.B. Dolloway in the Ultimate Fighter Finale

I have seen and heard a lot of upset people about C.B. Dolloway being in the TUF 7 finale.  Some people don’t feel he deserved a second chance since he already lost to Amir once.  This is not to argue whether Jesse should or should not have been booted.  The fact is he was.  The decision had to be made as to who would fight Amir in the finals.  I believe the right final is in place and C.B. deserves it.  Let me tell all you haters why…

1. C.B. Dolloway was the best fighter in the house.  Most people would agree that C.B. was the favorite all the way through the show from start to finish.  That does not mean he should be given a free fight or a pass, but he was the best.  Remember, TUF is not just a tournament it is about finding the best fighter.  The best, however does not always win.  I am not saying there were not other guys who were good or could have beaten C.B. (Amir did beat him), but overall I still think C.B. was the best fighter and most people would agree with that point.  Like it or not out of all the guys from this season, the “most likely to suceed in the UFC” award would have to go to C.B.

2. C.B. made it to the semi-finals.  He wasn’t handed anything.  I do think Amir had a much tougher road to the finals.  Amir had to beat Gerald Harris, Matt Brown, and C.B. Dolloway to get the finals.  He earned it hands down.  Amir beat arguablly 3 of the top 5 or 6 guys in the house.  C.B. got to the semis by beating Nick Klein and Cale Yarbrough.  He earned a semi spot. 

3.  He fought for the spot on the finals.  The spot against Amir was not just given to the president’s pet.  They brought in Tim Credeur and C.B. Dolloway.  They did not just pick C.B. to take the spot, although they could have and it still would have been fair.  I am sure when thinking about who Taylor’s replacement would be the choice was between Tim Credeur and C.B. Dolloway.  They were the top two guys going in and they both proved themselves.  They were both number one picks.

4.  The C.B. vs. Amir fight sells.  The re-match concept sells.  The revenge concept sells. C.B. sells.  Amir sells.  They are both fairly popular or polarizing in C.B.’s case.  C.B. and Amir put on the best shows out of the guys in the house.  They are exciting and fast paced.  Amir’s fights were awesome.  He proved incredible toughness.  He endured beatings and pulled out wins out of no where.  He was getting beat in all his fights (excpet maybe with Matt Brown) and managed to win.  C.B.’s fight with Amir and his fight with Tim Credeur to get to the finals were awesome.  They were perhaps two of the best fights not just of the season, but also of TUF history. 

5. C.B. fought well against Amir. I know many people argue he shouldn’t have another shot against Amir because Amir already beat him.  I know fans have grown to like Amir because he was the underdog.  I honestly believe the fear of C.B. coming in to fight Amir a second time is that C.B. will win and should win.  However, let us not forget that C.B. was beating Amir.  Amir won a come from behind victory.  I am not taking anything away from Amir, he won and won fair and square.  A win is a win.  I know you cannot really play what ifs, however if the fight had gone two more minutes and gone to a decision C.B. would have won by unanimous decision 30-27.  I know it didn’t happen that way, but he still fought well and is a worthy opponent for Amir.

6. Honestly, who else was it going to be?  Matt Brown?  Amir already beat him too.  C.B. would be a better choice than him.  Dan Cramer?  Tim Credeur already beat him, so he wasn’t the best choice?  Dante Rivera?  He looked horrible against Jesse Taylor and barely beat Brandon Sene.  C.B. or Tim would be a better pick than him.  Cale Yarbrough?  C.B. beat him badly, so C.B. deserved the finals more than him.  Someone who didn’t win their first round fight?  Jeremy May? Ha!  Gerald Harris?  Nick Klein? Mike Dolce? Matthew Riddle?  Come on.  The two options were Tim and C.B. and rather than just pick one of them, they fought for the spot and C.B. won.

Bottom line, everyone who think C.B. Dolloway shouldn’t be in the finals needs to get over it and be rational about it.  Like it or not he earned it just as much as Amir.  Perhaps you don’t like C.B., perhaps you think he is too cocky, and you have that right.  If that is the case root for Amir in the finale, but don’t be ignorant and say he didn’t deserve it.  That is just hating on a guy who was and is the most talented fighter of the season. 

Please, discuss this in the comments section.  I am open for debate and want to have more discussion on here.  Voice your thoughts even if you disagree with me, or maybe I converted you!!!  Anyways, comment below and let’s talk about a polarizing subject.  I’d really like to know why so many people don’t like C.B.  Did he rub you the wrong way?  Is it that you root for the underdog and hate the favorite?

UFC Signing IFL Fighters

It seems the UFC has growing intrest in IFL fighters.  Recently, the UFC signed notable light heavyweight fighter from the IFL, Andre Gusmao.  Also, today it is reported that the UFC has signed Rory Markham to contract.  Also Brad Blakburn will be featured on July 19th at UFC Fight Night 14.   Also, Chris Wilson, another welterweight and former IFL figher is now with the UFC.  TUF 7 featured a few IFL fighters in Gerlad Harris, Dante Rivera and Mike Dolce.

Many of the IFL best have tried their hand at the UFC and not done great.  Jay Hieron and Vladimir Matyushenko are UFC vets.  I personally would like to see guys like Roy Nelson, Ryan McGiven, Chris Horodecki, Benji Radach, and Dan Miller in the UFC.  I don’t know how they will fair.  I have a feeling that Chris Wilson, Rory Markham and Andre Gusmao will be good indicators of how IFL fighters would do in the UFC.