My EliteXC: Unfinished Business Predictions

EliteXC will host their second fight night on primetime CBS.  The first card was a success from a ratings standpoint, but to many hardcore MMA fans it was a flop, especially with the main event featuring Kimbo Slice and the way that Lawler/Smith ended.  This time the card looks better.  I will break down the whole card including the Showtime card. 

CBS Card:

Robbie Lawler vs. Scott Smith

Here is the re-match from the first CBS fight.  That fight was shaping up to be a fight of the year candidate.  Before the eye poke it looked like Lawler was beginning to pick apart Smith.  Scott Smith fought very well against Lawler the first time.  In fact Scott Smith surprised me.  Most people consider Robbie Lawler a top ten middleweight in the world.  Sherdog ranks Lawler as the number 4 middleweight in the world.  Scott Smith is a solid fighter and he doesn’t mind brawling and throwing down.  He has been a part of some great fights.  The Scott Smith vs. Pete Sell fight in the UFC was a great brawl.  However, Scott Smith is not in the same league as Robbie Lawler.  Don’t misunderstand me, Scott Smith can knockout Lawler and he could win this fight, but win, lose or draw, Robbie Lawler is the better fighter overall.  I am assuming that both guys will elect to keep the fight standing.  Lawler probably learned a lot about Smith when they fought and vice versa.  Lawler learned Smith can strike well and that he has good kicks.  I believe that this time someone will walk away with the belt with no controversy.  I would be surprised if this fight went to a decision as well.  Therefore, I predict Robbie Lawler to win by TKO late in round 2. 


Jake Shields vs. Nick Thompson

I am glad to see this fight on the CBS card.  Jake Shields is a great fighter.  This fight will be for the EliteXC welterweight title.  Jake Shields is coming off of a back injury, so one of the main questions will be how is Shields’ back.  Nick Thompson is no slouch.   Most people consider Sheilds an elite welterweight.  Sherdog ranks Shields as the number 7 welterweight in the world.  Certainly Jake Shields in the favorite of most people to win this fight.  Shields has solid wins on his résumé over the likes of Yushin Okami, Carlos Condit and Hayato Sakurai.  I know Nick Thompson is a solid fighter, but Shields is so well rounded.  I pick Jake Shields to win by submission in round 3. 


Nick Diaz vs. Thomas Denny

While I was glad to see Shields added to the CBS card I am disappointed to see Diaz on the card.  He is a liability. He is a good fighter and I am sure the reason is to give him some exposure prior to a fight for the title with K.J. Noons.  However, following him and his brother’s idiotic actions following his last fight, I would keep him off of the CBS card.  If he acts in typical Diaz fashion it will hurt EliteXC, CBS and all Mixed martial arts.  Nevertheless, Diaz is a good fighter.  So I will unbiased talk about this fight despite my dislike for Diaz.  Diaz has been one of the most inconsistent fighters in the world.  He has beaten some top level guys and lost to some second rate guys.  Thomas “Wildman” Denny is not of Diaz’s caliber in the ring.  Denny hasn’t beaten anyone of note and boasts a mediocre record of 26-16.  Diaz has beaten some top guys including Takanori Gomi and Robbie Lawler.  Diaz can box well and he has great submissions.  I predict that Diaz will win this fight by TKO in round 2.  Hopefully, the drama is kept to a minimum with him and Noons. 


Shanya Baszler vs. Cristiane Cyborg

I just have to admit from the start that I know nothing about either of these ladies.  Frankly, I don’t care to watch women fight unless it is Gina Carano.  I will watch this fight, so maybe these ladies will convince me that women have a place in MMA.  From all I know Baszler is favored to win so I will pick her to win. 

Swing Bout:

Jeremy Freitag vs. Anthony Ruiz

Ruiz beat Freitag before and I suspect he will beat him again.  I don’t know why this fight is a swing bout.  The swing bout should have been Feijao vs. Galbraith. 

Showtime Card:

Antonio Silva vs. Justin Eilers

Let me say from the start that I am very disappointed, actually kind of ticked that this fight isn’t on CBS.  Put the ladies on Showtime and show this fight.  Antonio Silva is a quality fighter who should be marketed more than EliteXC’s favorite heavyweight Kimbo Slice.  Justin Eilers is a joke to fight Silva.  I love Brandon Vera’s highlight reel KO of Eilers.  Coincidently, Eilers won at UFC 49 event titles “unfinished business” but I don’t expect him to win here.  I expect Silva to get the first UFC Heavyweight Belt. 


Brian Caraway vs. Wilson Reis

This makes for a good fight with the lighter weight guys.  Reis looked impressive his last fight.  I think he is going to be special.  He can fight at Batamweight or featherweight.  I look for Reis to win by submission in round 2.


Rafael Feijao vs. Travis Galbraith

This is another fight that could have been put on the CBS card.  Feijao trains with the Nogueiras and Anderson Silva.  He is new to the sport, but EliteXc should be marketing him.  I think he is a star in the making and he could end up somewhere else fighting before too long.  I predict Feijao to win by TKO in round 1. 


I believe this is better than the first CBS card, but EliteXC still has some work to do.  If I was the one setting up the cards I would not have excluded Silva vs. Eilers or Feijao vs. Galbraith from the CBS card, especially for the chick fight and the mediocre swing bout.