Poll of the Week: Who Will Hold The UFC Heavyweight Title This Time Next Year?

All these guys are in the mix.  Randy currently holds the heavyweight belt and will fight Lesnar for the title.  It is assumed that the winner of that fight will get the winner of the Nogueira vs. Mir fight in December.  The Nogueira/Mir winner will hold the interim belt.  Werdum will get a shot with a win at UFC 91.  Velasquez may be two or three fights away, but by this time next year he could seriously contend.


Poll of the Week, Vote Now

I am going to begin a poll question of the week.  This week the question has to do with Affliction’s partnership with Golden Boy.  Basically, what I want to know is a few things.  Will you order a PPV that is a boxing mixed with MMA card, or when you order fights do you strictly want MMA?  Will this partnership be good for MMA or will this hurt Affliction in the long run? Vote here and comment below.