UFC News: C.B. Dolloway vs. Mike Massenzio at UFC 92

The TUF 7 runner-up C.B. Dolloway will be back in action at UFC 92 against former IFL fighter Mike Massenzio.  Massenzio is 1-0 in the UFC, scoring a win over Drew McFedries with a kimura.  This bout should excite as C.B. has seemed vulnerable to submissions like Amir.  A ground and pound guy vs. a submission guy, should really be a good one, and may even make the main card.  The crad is already stacked with 3 headliners: Forrest Griffin vs. Rashad Evans, Quinton Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva III and Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.


UFC News: Tim Credeur vs. Nate Loughran at UFC Fight Night 16

MMAweekly is reporting that Tim Credeur will fight Nate Loughran at UFC Fight Night 16.  Credeur was a TUF 7 fighter who aired very well in the show, but lost in the semi-finals to Jesse Taylor and then again in the semi-finals to C.B. Dolloway.  Credeur rebounded with a win over Cale Yarbrough at UFC Fight Night 14 in July. 

Nate Loughran won his debut against Johnny Rees at UFC Fight Night 14.  This should be a good fight, however I would have to pick Credeur to win this one.

Rumor: UFC Looking to Buy IFL

It is not a secret that the IFL has been up for sale.  The supposed asking price: $1,000,000.  The most likely buyer seems to be Zuffa, the parent company of the UFC and WEC.  The rumor has been that the UFC has been in talks with IFL.  For a long time Dana White has been critical and wary of the IFL.  Recently though many fighters have tried their hand at the UFC.  Several IFL guys were cast for TUF 7 including: Gerald Harris, Mike Dolce, and Dante Rivera.  Several others were picked to fight at the UFC Fight Night held to combat Affliction: Banned including stars Brad Blackburn, Reese Andy, and Rory Markham.  Markham and Blackburn both looked very good in wins in their octagon debuts.  The rumors have been fueled following the fight night.  Many people speculated that since Rogan and Goldberg talked openly about the IFL and IFL videos were shown that the UFC could have bought the IFL.  It seems most likely that the IFL is done. This from CagePotato:

Despite Dana White’s love of criticizing every aspect of the IFL and citing them as a cautionary tale for MMA startups, it seems fighter contracts and an extensive video library are just too attractive for him to pass up. According to a report on MMA Payout, Zuffa is very close to buying the IFL.

The deal isn’t finalized, says Sam Caplan, but this is the most credible report thus far regarding the potential purchase of the IFL. The company was said to be on the market for around $1 million, but the UFC is believed to be getting it for less than that. Sources within the IFL could only confirm for us that the talks have been under way for some time now and the UFC is the leading suitor.

 The rumor has been that the IFL fighters would be split between the UFC and WEC.  Some would become free agents.  Here are the msot attractive fighters to Zuffa. 

1. Waggney Fabiano – 145 Lbs.  (He is the IFL Fetaherweight champ and would make a good competition for Urijah Faber in the WEC.

2. Roy Nelson – HVWT.  (He is the IFL heavyweight Champ and would likely be given a shot in the UFC, but I don’t know how he’d fair against UFC fighters)

3.  Ryan Schultz – 155 lbs. (He is the IFC Lightweight Champ, and may be better suited for the WEC)

4. Chris Horodecki – 155 lbs. (I think he could hack the UFC, but 155 is stacked)

5. Jim Miller – 155 lbs. (He has been rumored to be on TUF 8 cast as a lightweight, but I don’t but that)

6. Jay Hieron – 170 lbs. (He is the IFL Welterweight Champ, he has been in the UFC, but he may have impreved since his stint there)

7. Ryan McGivern

8. Matt Horowich

9. Vladimir Matyushenko

10. Dan Miller

Jesse Taylor Could Be Out of the UFC…Again

I have heard rumblings today that UFC middleweight fighter and TUF 7 alum Jesse Taylor could be out of the UFC again.  Taylor is most known for being the guy who made it to the TUF finals, but was kicked off following a drunken tirade in a Las vergas casino.  He was given a second chance after her pleaded his case to Dana White.  He said he had enrolled in AA and was straightened out.  He seemed contrite from all I could tell.  He then was given a chance to fight C.B. Dolloway at UFC Fight Night 14 on July 19th.  Dolloway was the clear favorite to win TUF 7 but he was eliminated twice by Amir by armbar.  Dolloway made quick work of Taylor and submitted him by Peruvian Necktie.  Here is the report about Taylor by Steve Cofield at Yahoo! Sports

Jesse Taylor was trying to erase the memory of his embarrassing episode on The Ultimate Fighter 7 with a dominant win. Instead, he was sent packing in less than four minutes as C.B. Dollaway lived up to his pre-show reputation pulling off a great submission, the Peruvian Necktie.

Taylor didn’t look any worse for wear as he hung out post-fight with training partners and fellow fighters. That may change this week, as it appears Taylor may be in hot water again with UFC officials. 

Taylor spoke with the media last Thursday and had some choice words for Quinton Jackson and his psychotic episode last week, “What goes around, comes around, I guess.” Taylor wasn’t happy with the fact that Jackson told UFC President Dana White that he didn’t want someone like Taylor representing the company.

Those comments filtered back to UFC management and it was clear that they weren’t happy with Taylor as a high ranking official spoke with Yahoo! Sports during The Ultimate Fight Night 14 card at the Palms.

Adding to Taylor’s problem are the rumors swirling that he didn’t exactly clean up his conduct during his 4+ month hiatus

The reason for Taylor being let go would not be a lack of talent.  It would be that he is an idiot.  To his credit he did not know the extent of Rampage’s problems.   When questioned about his first comments about Jackson here is what Taylor said…

I feel bad for the guy. Being on top of the fighting world and then not being there is going to destroy you. I think it was tough to handle for the guy. I wish he gets better, I didn’t know he was in this situation. He’s in a lot worse situation than I was in.”

Well, Taylor may be out again.  I don’t have a problem with him being booted.  Not because of what he said abotu Jackson, but because I don’t know if he can hack it in the UFC.  It looks like only 5 TUF 7 guys will hang around (C.B. Dolloway, Amir Sadollah, Matt Brown, Tim Credeur, and Matthew Riddle).  So long Jesse Taylor, have a good career on the undercard of the EliteXC.

Jackson vs. Griffin Press Conference

Some clips from Rampage Jackson and Forrest Griffin from the UFC 86 press conference. There are some good moments in this, including Jackson saying he thought Stephan Bonnar should have gotten the decision victory over Forrest Griffin at the Ultimate Fighter 1 Finale. Good watch…

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UFC News: Jesse Taylor vs. C.B. Dolloway at UFC Fight Night 14

The UFC has quickly put together a good card to compete with Affliction.  All last week it was rumored that Jesse Taylor would be given another chance and would fight The Ultimate Fighter 7 runner-up C.B. Dolloway on this card.  Even yours truly posted regarding this rumor (here). It looks like the fight will happen.  We all remember Jesse Taylor as the one kicked off the Ultimate Fighter after he had earned a spot in the finale or as the pants peeing drunk.  However, Jesse Taylor seems to have it together.  He has quit drinking, and he has said and done all the right things. Jesse Taylor could have cried and made a big deal out of it, but he owned up to his actions, and I respect that.  I still think removing him was the best way to handle what took place, but I am glad to see him get another chance.  This from Dana White on Yahoo! Sports:

I’ve faced a lot of challenges since we’ve had the UFC, but I have a kid (Taylor) who pissed his pants on television and now I have to turn him into a star…. Without a doubt, the kid deserves another chance. He made himself look like a fool, and he’s aware of that, but everyone deserves another opportunity and we’re going to give it to him. He acted like a moron. He’s embarrassed by it, which he should be, but what he did doesn’t amount to enough to ban him forever. Come on. He was just young and stupid, but at least he seems to have learned from what he did.”

Taylor will have his hands full against C.B. Dolloway.  This will be a tough match, and is very important for both fighters.  C.B. lost in the finale to Amir, and needs a win in the UFC.  If Jesse gets on top he could just lay there and ground and pound C.B.  Jesse is a big fella.  This should be a interesting fight anyways and I hope it makes it on the televised portion.

Here is the card as we know it today:

Anderson Silva vs. James Irvin

Brandon Vera vs. Reese Andy

Hermes Franca vs. Frank Edgar

Cain Velasquez vs. Jake O’Brien

Jesse Taylor vs. C.B. Dolloway

Rory Markham vs. Brodie Farber

Anthony Johnson vs. Kevin Burns

Brad Blackburn vs. James Giboo

Nate Loughran vs. Johnny Rees

Shannon Gugherty vs. Dale Hartt

I imagine that the battle for the fifth spot on the televised card will fall between Burns vs. Johnson, Marham vs. Farber and Taylor vs. Dolloway.  I would have to say the edge goes to Dolloway/taylor because of how familar many SPIKE viewers will be of the two fighters because of TUF.  I’d also like to see the other two fights.  Markham is aggresive, so if he finishes quickly he may get aired as is Anthony Johnson.  I’d also like to see them pick up the Tim Credeur vs. Cale Yarbrough fight that got cancelled at the TUF 7 Finale due to Credeur’s adderall.

UFC Rumor: C.B. Dolloway vs. Jesse Taylor at UFC Fight Night 14

I saw a rumor on the Sherdog forums, so I have no idea how reliable the source.  However, I do seem to remember Jesse Taylor mentioning in an interview that he hoped to be able to fight again in July for the UFC.  The rumor is that Jesse Taylor vs. C.B. Dolloway will be added to the UFC Fight Night 14 card, only July 19th.  JT has not been officially cut from Zuffa, so he needs a fight to make some money.  This fight could be a good fight, but I think it is a bad match up for Jesse Taylor.  However, I think the UFC will be hard pressed to keep the loser around though.