UFC Fight Night 15 Salaries

  • Nate Diaz — $70,000 ($20,000 to show, $20,000 to win, $30,000 Fight of the Night Bonus)
  • Wilson Gouveia — $66,000 (Includes $30,000 Submission of the Night Bonus)
  • Alessio Sakara — $64,000 ($17,000 to show, $17,000 to win, $30,000 KO of the Night Bonus)
  • Josh Neer — $39,000 (Includes $30,000 Fight of the Night Bonus)
  • Clay Guida — $26,000
  • Alan Belcher — $26,000
  • Joe Lauzon — $20,000 ($10,000 to show, $10,000 to win)
  • Ed Herman — $16,000
  • Drew McFedries — $16,000
  • Mac Danzig — $15,000
  • Houston Alexander — $13,000
  • Eric Schafer — $12,000
  • Dan Miller — $10,000
  • Mike Massenzio — $6,000
  • Jason Brilz – $6,000
  • Rob Kimmons — $5,000
  • Ryan Jensen — $4,000
  • Kyle Bradley — $4,000
  • Brad Morris — $4,000
  • Joe Vedepo — $3,000

UFC Fight Night 15 Results and Thoughts

Nate Diaz Def. Josh Neer via Split Decision

Clay Guida Def. Mac Danzig via Unanimous Decision

Alan Belcher Def. Ed Herman by Split Decision

Eric Schafer def. Houston Alexander by Submission in Round 1

Joe Lauzon Def. Kyle Bradley By TKO in Round 2

Wilson Gouveia Def. Ryan Jensen by Submission in Round 2

Alessio Sakara Def. Joe Vedepo by KO in Round 2

Dan Miller Def. Rob Kimmons by Submission in Round 1

Mike Massenzio Def. Drew McFedries by Submission in Round 1

Jason Brilz def. Brad Morris by TKO in Round 2

Fight of the Night: Nate Diaz vs. Josh Neer

Knockout of the Night: Alessio Sakara

Submission of the Night: Wilson Gouveia

  • Nate Diaz looked really impressive in submission defense
  • I am shocked Neer fought so well and fought on the ground a lot of the time
  • Clay Guida was overwhelming
  • Ed Herman probably should have gotten the decision victory
  • It looks like the middleweight divison’s newcomers are a force to be reckoned with (Wilson Gouveia, Mike Massenzio, and Dan Miller)
  • It looks like Houston Alexander is out of the UFC.  He looked solid at first but his ground game stinks.

My UFC Fight Night 15 Predictions

Nate Diaz vs. Josh Neer

My Pick is Nate Diaz.  Josh Neer is a tough as nails dude, who will want to keep the fight standing.  Nate Diaz has looked very impressive on the ground and very unimpressive standing.  He needs to improve his striking.  Neer is the toughest opponent he has faced to date, but I still think Nate Diaz will win in round 2 by submission. 

Mac Danzig vs. Clay Guida

This is the co-main event, so I want to hear your opinions on this one

I picked Mac Danzig here.  I think Guida is exciting and has good striking, but sometimes he gets carried away.  I think Danzig is slightly better on his feet and far superior on the ground.  I would suspect Mac will have a good game plan for Guida and will pull out a victory here.  This could be a really good fight between two tough guys.  I think Mac moves on and moves up in competition.

Houston Alexander vs. Eric Schafer

Houston Alexander burst onto the scene with KO wins over Keith Jardine and Alessio Sakara.  He then dropped a few, most notablly a quick KO to James Irvin.  I think Alexander has great striking skills and can be very good. Schafer is a tough dude, who has great ground skills.  I think Alexander will look for a quick KO.  He better avoid the take down and knock out Schafer, so that is my prediction.  I think Houston wins by KO in round 1.

Alan Belcher vs. Ed Herman

Both these guys are coming off of losses in their last outings.  Alan Belcher has been tabbed as a sort of up and comer prior to his loss to Jason Day.  I think when it comes down to it, Ed Herman has better submission skills than Belcher and will be able to submit him, however, do not be surprised to see Belcher KO Herman.  This was my toughest pick on the card, and I stick with Ed Herman by submission.

Kyle Bradley vs. Joe Lauzon

Kyle Bradley got KO’s by Chris Lytle, then he dropped to 155.  His first test is Joe Lauzon.  I think it is a tough test.  Joe Lauzon may be the best of the TUF 5 guys.  I think he has great potential.  Training with B.J. Penn only helps him.  I think Joe Lauzon wins this one with a submission in round 1. 

Wilson Gouveia vs. Ryan Jensen

Wilson Gouveia dropped to middleweight and was to face Jeremy Horn here.  Horn was forced to pull out and will now face a tough wrestling fighter in Ryan Jensen.  I think Gouveia is the clear favorite here.  The question is going to be the weight cut.  I think it was a good move for Wilson, but many times guys struggle in their first fight after dropping a class, like Brandon Vera and Mike Swick did.  I think Gouveia can be a contender at middleweight, and look for him to win a unaimous decision against Ryan Jensen.

Drew McFedries vs Mike Massenzio 

This is a very tough fight to pick.  Massenzio is a former IFL fighter who holds wins over Dan Miller and Dante Rivera.  McFedries is a vicious striker who has had ups and downs.  He holds a win over Alessio Sakara and Marvin Eastman, but dropped fights in the UFC to Patrick Cote and Martin Kampmann.  I do not know if that means Drew is just not as good as the top level middleweights or what.  This is a good test for both guys.  If Massenzio can take McFedries down he can easily win this fight.  However, Drew looked very good his last time out and I pick him to win by TKO in round 2. Watch for the upset here though.

Jason Brilz vs. Brad Morris

Brad Morris is coming off of a loss to Cain Velasquez at heavyweight and drops to light heavyweight to take on newcomer Jason Brilz.  Brilz has been rumored to be on this season of TUF.  I do not know if it was justa  rumor or if he just barely missed the cut.  Brilz is a very good fighter and holds impressive wins over Jason MacDonald, Mike Patt, and Alex Shoenauer.  Also, he fought Justin Eilers to a draw.  Brilz is big.  He is a good wrestler.  I pick Brilz to win this fight by TKO following ground and pound in round 3. 

Rob Kimmons vs. Dan Miller

Dan Miller is the former IFL middlweight champ.  This is a big fight for him.  Kimmons is a solid fighter, but I suspect Miller to pull out a win here.  I think he wins by unaimous decision. 

Alessio Sakara vs. Joe Vedepo

I know nothing of Joe Vedepo.  So this pick is kind of a guess.  I do know that Sakara is a great striker who has shown skills against guys liek Chris Leben.  I think Sakara wins this fight by unanimous decision.

Mid Year MMA Awards

Best Knockout

Honorable Mention: Luis Arthur Cane KO Jason Lambert, Shane Carwin KO Christian Wellish, Murilio Rua TKO Tony Bonello, Matt Wiman KO Thiago Tavares

5. Anthony Johnson KO Tommy Speer

4. Wilson Gouveia KO Jason Lambert

3. Brian Stann KO Doug Marshall

2. James Irvin KO Houston Alexander

1. Wanderlei Silva KO Keith Jardine

Best Submission

Honorable Mention: Antonio Nogueira submits Tim Sylvia by Guillotine, Yoshiyuki Yoshida submits Jon Koppenhaver by Anaconda choke, Nate Diaz submits Kurt Pellegrino, Cole Miller Submits Jorge Gurgel by Triangle Choke

5. Demian Mia Submits Ed Herman by Triangle Choke

4. Frank Mir Submits Brock Lesnar by Kneebar

3. Rousimar Palhares Submits Ivan Salaverry by Armbar

2. Dustin Hazelett Submits Josh Burkman by Armbar

1. Shinya Aoki Submits Katsuhiko Nagata by Aokiplata

Best Fight

Honorable Mention: Shinya Aoki vs. Gesias Calvancante, Cung Le vs. Frank Shamrock

5. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Tim Sylvia

4. Urijah Faber vs. Jens Pulver

3. Robbie Lawler vs. Scott Smith

2. Quinton Jackson vs. Forrest Griffin

1. Miguel Torres vs. Yoshiro Maeda

Best Fight Card

5. WEC 34: Faber vs. Pulver

4. UFC 80: Rapid Fire

3. UFC 81: Breaking Point

2. DREAM 4

1. UFC 84: Ill Will

Upset of The Year:

Honorable Mention: Jason Day over Alan Belcher,

5. Thiago Alves over Karo Parisyan

4. Kevin Burns over Roan Carneiro

3. Fabricio Werdum over Gabriel Gonzaga

2. Josh Thomson over Gilbert Melendez

1. Forrest Griffin over Quinton Jackson

Fighter Of The Year:

Honorable Mention: Anderson Silva, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Michael Bisping, Georges St. Pierre, Diego Sanchez

5. Miguel Torres

4. Forrest Griffin

3. Thiago Alves

2. Shinya Aoki

1. B.J. Penn (2 Impressive wins over Sean Sherk and Joe Stevenson)

Best UFC Newcomer:

Honorable Mention: Shane Carwin, Brock Lesnar

5. Rousimar Palhares

4. Dong Hyun Kim

3. Yoshiyuki Yoshida

2. Goran Reljic

1. Cain Velasquez

Worst Calls By A Ref. or Judges

5. Forrest Griffin over Quinton Jackson –  Not just that Forrest got the win, but that it was unanimous.  Many, including me scored the fight either a draw or to Jackson

4. Brandon Vera vs. Fabricio Werdum- Dan Miragliotta stopped the fight in round 1 when Werdum was mounted on Vera throwing down punches.  There was just 10 seconds remaining and Vera seemed to be defending himself well. 

3. Nate Marquardt vs. Thales Leites — Leites got the win, but lost the fight.  He lost the fight due to two points taken away from Marquardt.  One point was justified, but the other was due to elbow to the back of the ehad that wasn’t to the back of the head.  I will confess, that another point could have fairly been deducted for an illegal slam, but I hated to see Marquardt get a loss on his record that I feel he won

2. Phantom split decisions — How was Evan Tanner vs. Kendall Grove a split deicsion?  How was Heath Herring vs Cheick Kongo a split decision?  The right person got the decision, but how was it split?

1. Kimbo Slice vs. James Thompson – Dan Miragliotta stopped the fight in the 3rd round while Thompson was still standing and failed to stop it when Thompson was mounted on Kimbo raining down elbows

The effect of the Ultimate Fighter on the UFC


There is a lot of talk about which UFC divison is the stongest.  I have discussed my opinion before, but I was curious which divison has been best bolstered by TUF. Below I listed each current UFC fighter and their current divison.  Some guys have fought in the UFC and left for other organizations so I did not include them.  Some guys have fought at one weight and dropped down recently like Michael Bisping.  I made my decison based not solely on numer of fighters, but quality fighters and number of contenders in the divison from TUF. Here is my evaluation…

The least bolstered is the Heavyweight divison, because there are no current UFC TUF alumni in that divison.  Evans and Jardine comepeted in Heavyweight and then dropped to lightheavyweight.

The fourth most bolstered is the middleweight divison.  There are 11 TUF alums in the middleweight divison currently and none are real contenders right now.  You have a bunch of second tier guys in: Travis Lutter, Ed Herman, Kendall Grove, Nate Quarry and Patrick Cote.  Some of those guys are close to breaking through to contender levels.  I would say your most succesful guy has been Chris Leben and I believe Michael Bisping will be a contender, but contender is a tough word in a divison where Anderson Silva owns the belt.  I don’t think these guys could beat the top 4 or 5 in that divison.

The third best divison is the lightheavyweight divison.  However, these five guys are all above average guys.  I consider three of them legit contenders in the divison (Griffin, Jardine and Evans) and I consider Bonnar and Hamill the best of the second tier guys.  Bonnar and Hamill are slated to fight in April, the winner will become a serious contender threat and break into the top 12 in that divison.  I put them below the others sheerly because they don’t have as many alums in the divison now.

To be honest the second and first was a toss up between the welterweight and lightweight divisons who have both benefited from TUF competitors dropping to their weight classes.  Here are my arguments for both.  The welterweight divison has a champ in Matt Serra.  Also one could argue that they have 2 other top five fighters in Koscheck and Sanchez, making TUF alums 3 of the top five in that divison.  If you throw Marcus Davis, who is a serious contender is the mix you have some good fighters, not to mention guys like Mike Swick who have just dropped down.  The jury is still out on the TUF 6 guys.  We will have to wait and see who will stick around the welterweigh divison.  I look for Speer, Sotiropplous, and Arroyo to make a little splash. 

The lightweight divison has the most TUF alums by far.  Obviously, Joe Stevenson has been the most successful and could get a title shot.  They also have another top five guy in their divison in Kenny Florian.  Joe Lauzon is set to fight Kenny and could move into seriosu contention if he pulls out a win.  I wouldn’t overlook guys like Mac Danzig, Nate Diaz, Cole Miller, Manny Gamburyan or Gray Maynard.  Din Thomas has proven himself well and Rich Clementi and Jorge Gurgel are no scrubs.

If you made me pick the most benefited from TUF I would say the lightweights, with the welterweights close behind.  It is kind of interesting to note that in 2008 at least 3 guys from TUF will get a title crack (Serra, Stevenson, and Griffin) and possibly more. 

TUF will continue to have an impact on the UFC for the good.  They hope to help out the middleweight divison, but likely good welterweights will bulk up to get on the show and the best of the next season will help the welterweight divison most.  In my opinion, they need to help out the middleweight, but in order to do so the show has to feature light heavyweights.  I look forward to see the new twists and turns of TUF 7, and to see the impact of the future TUF alumni on the UFC.  Ultimate Fighter has been Dana White’s best move and he admits is helped the UFC greatly.



Light Heavyweights

  • Stephan Bonnar
  • Forrest Griffin
  • Keith Jardine*
  • Rashad Evans*
  • Matt Hamill


  • Chris Leben
  • Nate Quarry
  • Michael Bisping
  • Ed Herman
  • Kalib Starnes
  • Kendall Grove
  • Rory Singer
  • Travis Lutter
  • Charles McCarthy
  • Pete Sell
  • Patrick Cote


  • Diego Sanchez*
  • Josh Kosheck*
  • Mike Swick*
  • Josh Burkman
  • Luke Cummo
  • Marcus Davis
  • Matt Serra
  • Chris Lytle
  • Tommy Speer
  • George Sotiropolous
  • Matt Arroyo


  • Kenny Florian**
  • Joe Stevenson*
  • Jorge Gurgel*
  • Melvin Guillard*
  • Rich Clementi*
  • Din Thomas*
  • Gray Maynard
  • Matt Wiman
  • Joe Lauzon
  • Rob Emerson
  • Corey Hill
  • Nate Diaz
  • Manny Gamburyan
  • Cole Miller
  • Mac Danzig*

*Is now fighting in a different divison than he competed in under TUF